Rust effect paint

Manufacturer: Francesco Guardi
Weight: 1.3 kg
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€29.58 / szt.

Francesco GUARDI Collezione rust effect paint  (components A and B) is a ready-to-use modern paint, produced on the basis of high quality acrylic resin, special fillers and metallic pigments.

Francesco GUARDI paint is designed for decorations of interior walls and ceilings, such as: living room, corridor, kitchen, bathroom, as well as for finishings in restaurants, hotels and other areas, where we want to get the raw effect of rusty surfaces.

Also remember to buy one of the two primers which you need to get a rust effect:

- Francesco Guardi primer (for rust effect)


- GUARDI primer (for rust effect)

Application sponge, twine roller
Number of layers from 1 to 2 - depending on the effect we want to get

from 10 to 12 m² with 0.5 liter packaging - depending on the structure of the surface, expected effect and contractor's experience

Drying time min. 2 hours
Tools cleaning       water
Colour scheme reddish-brown shades
Storage in sealed containers at a temperature from +5°C to +35°C
Capacity 500 ml