Quartz plaster

Manufacturer: Francesco Guardi
Weight: 10.5 kg
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€35.17 / szt.

Quartz plaster Francesco Guardi is an exclusive line of decorative compounds for making durable, thin-coat plaster coatings on façades of single and multi-family houses. Thanks to the use of the highest quality acrylic resin and strictly selected quartz aggregates, this quartz plaster has a high aesthetic value in all three colour lines — Natural, Extreme and the Colours of the Earth. High endurance and resistance to weather makes this product particularly suitable for use as a final decorative and protective layer in ETICS heat insulation systems.

The quartz plaster may also be used for decorating elements of façades, balcony walls or concrete fences. And thanks to its unique decoration values, it is great for interiors and for areas subject to particularly heavy use such as plinths, corridors or stairways, as well as for public buildings such as schools, government offices or outpatient centres.

Application method

plastering machine

Number of coats

1 or 2, depending on the desired effect


2.1 - 2.5 kg/m2

Drying time

24 hours



Cleaning tools


Colour scheme

56 colour composition in Francesco GUARDI collection plus
decorative additives (silicone carbide, metallic chips, mica and glitter)


In sealed containers at temperatures from 5°C to +35°C