Primer for quartz and marble plasters

Manufacturer: Francesco Guardi
Weight: 3.8 kg
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€9.01 / szt.

Francesco GUARDI Collezione primer is a water thinnable priming coat based on acrylic dispersion and carefully selected mineral fillers. The product lowers absorbability, offers surface substrate reinforcement and ensures good plaster adherence. 

The primer has a very extensive covering power and does not delaminate even during long-term storage. 

It is available in colours corresponding to the colour of GUARDI quartz and marble plasters.

Application method

paintbrush, brush, spray

Number of coats

1 or 2, depending on the substrate's absorbing power


approx. 0.3 kg/m2

Drying time

12 hours

Cleaning tools


Colour scheme

white, Guardi colour system


in sealed containers at temperatures from 5°C to +35°C


3.5 kg; 12 kg