Latex primer

Weight: 1.3 kg
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€5.80 / szt.
Francesco Guardi primer is a latex, water thinnable, highly pigmented primer paint, developed in line with global safety and environmental protection trends. This paint belongs to the “environmentally-friendly” product group since it contains only traces of organic solvents and plasticizers. 

It is designed for priming the substrates before the application of a decorative coat using dew or velvet effect paint. It is also ideal for priming substrates with strong water absorption, such as gypsum plaster and drywall. It can be applied on all mineral substrates in houses and public buildings. The additives included in the paint level out the differences in the texture and colour of the base.

Application method

cloth roller, spray

Number of coats

1 or 2, depending on the desired effect


up to 8 m2/l

Drying time

2—3 hours



Cleaning tools


Colour scheme

white, GUARDI colour system


in sealed containers at temperatures from 5°C to +35°C


1 l